Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Slowly but surely...

The bad news is that the trailer is still not ready for release. The good news is that there are now three people working on three different versions of the trailer, so we should have something up pretty soon.

The biggest problem with a micro-budget film is finding qualified people willing to work for credit only in order to build their resume. These talented individuals usually have full-time jobs, sometimes more than one, and as such are unable to devote much time to other projects. They are willing to work with us because they know bigger and better things are coming. We have films in development that will entertain, amuse, and arouse some strong emotions. We won't play it safe. We have stories to tell, and we're going for the throat.

Once our film garners a certain amount of success, this should solve that problem for our future slate of films. The first is the toughest because we start with only talent and ambition. But that will see us through to the fulfillment of our goal: to establish a film production company that churns out really good commercial films every year. And all of them filmed in and around Jackson, Michigan.

Actors Todd Lutz and Paul Broussard outside the Jackson Coffee Company on Mechanic Street in Jackson, Michigan.

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