Saturday, August 31, 2013

Productive Day

We had a productive day on Friday, August 30. Mahalia Greenway and I hosted auditions for the trailer for the film. We had some really good auditions, and met with a fine young lady who we hope will be working with us as part of our crew and as an extra for our crowd scene.

After the auditions were completed, Mahalia and I discussed the actors and which roles we felt they were best suited for. The auditions continue, with two days next week reserved for filling out the remainder of the cast.

We also have skilled individuals who have contacted me regarding stunts and fight choreography, which we are grateful for. As Friday was utilized for auditions followed by locations scouts, I was unable to contact one of those individuals, but I intend to contact the gentleman again after the Labor Day Weekend.

There have been more interested parties willing to allow us to film at their location, and we are trying to work out a day and time in our schedules to see those properties.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Auditions for “Walking Apocalypse” begin

This morning we will be holding auditions for the “Walking Apocalypse” trailer to be shot in September. The morning is full, but there are still afternoon slots available for any actors who wish to apply for roles.

With all but one role open, including the lead, the auditions should be an exciting process. We have some very interesting and talented actors scheduled for visits this morning.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tour of TransPharm with Director of Photography & Lead Actress

We had a very productive day. I visited TransPharm Pre-Clinical Solutions with my Director of Photography, Brian Greenway, and lead actress Mahalia Greenway for a location tour for the "Walking Apocalypse" trailer we're shooting in September.

President & CEO Daniel Ross conducted us on a thorough tour of the interior and exterior of the facility and grounds. We brought our shot list for this location, and Brian Greenway and I were able to discuss shot selection and location while on site.

It really helped to visualize the places the trailer scenes would be shot at. This was a big step forward as we got a pretty firm grip on the various interior and exterior scenes that will be shot at TransPharm.

Mr. Ross and his staff were kind and generous hosts, once again. The Jackson-Brooklyn area is proud to have such consummate professionals and genuinely good people to represent them.

Matt Schepeler, owner & publisher of the Brooklyn Exponent newspaper interviewed Brian & Mahalia Greenway and myself and then accompanied us on the tour.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Additions to casting call

We are seeking to fill two additional roles:

Supporting Character: Female (Age: Approximately 20-30): Girlfriend of lead character.

Supporting Character: Female (Age: Approximately 40-50): Mother of girlfriend of lead.

Unless otherwise indicated, roles are open to any and all ethnicities.

To view our Craigslist casting call ad:

To view our Craigslist "Locations Wanted" ad:

Designer babies, chimera & the end of the human species?

Who draws the line with genetic engineering?

Is it ethically and/or morally wrong to design your own children to be free of disease, deformity, etc.?

Most would agree that this is desirable, but what happens when parents seek total control of the design of their children?

Should it be legal for parents to literally order a blueprint for the makeup of their children?

Eye color, hair color, height, etc. Should parents be able to choose these, or not?

Of more concern than the above is the idea of "cherry-picking" desirable traits and abilities from other species and blending them with humans, creating a chimera, or human-animal hybrid, which is the plot of another script I've written for future development.

And when someone does cross that line, it could be the beginning of the end of the human species as we know it.

For more on designer babies and the future of genetic manipulation, point your browser to:

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Human Evolution Has Stopped...

According to British geneticist Steve Jones, human evolution has stopped.

This is the driving force behind "Walking Apocalypse." One brilliant geneticist's remarkable process designed to enhance and perfect the human species is perverted by those with a more parochial, cynical view of its value.

One man gets caught in the middle of the age-old tug-of-war between military and scientific application, and the race is on to find a cure before the process activates and spreads to every human being on the face of the earth.

A process that was first created to cure has been reprogrammed to kill, and the sabotage by the reluctant scientist forced to retool his process for military application has placed the entire human race at risk.

To read the article regarding Dr. Jones' lecture, point your browser to:

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tour of TransPharm Pre-Clinical Solutions Bio-Safety Level-II lab for "Walking Apocalypse"

I will be touring a Bio-Safety Level-II lab next week along with Director Of Photography Brian Greenway and lead actress Mahalia Greenway for the critical lab scenes in "Walking Apocalypse."

Daniel Ross, President & CEO of TransPharm Pre-Clinical Solutions in Napoleon Township, has graciously offered us the use of his outstanding, state-of-the-art facility for our film.

The right location is vital to the success of a film. TransPharm's facilities are an excellent fit as the fictitious lab "Gen-Tech" in "Walking Apocalypse."

Daniel Ross and his staff were outstanding hosts for my first tour of the facility a few months ago, when I initiated my first location scout.

Several of the most important scenes in the film will be shot at TransPharm, including the discovery of the unique problem that has turned a potentially wonderful process into a doomsday weapon that threatens the entire human species.

TransPharm Preclinical Solutions is a reliable single source provider of a complete array of studies in infectious disease animal models for the antibiotic discovery industry.

TransPharm's outstanding staff includes Director of Research Dr. Santiago R. Lopez, Ph.D., Operations Manager Samantha Ross, CHRS, Contract/Protocol Specialist Marci Peek, MT (ASCP), and Associate Scientist Lisa Lazaroff, AAS, LAT, LVT.

For more about TransPharm, visit:

Brian G. Walsh, Director, Walking Apocalypse

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Independent Filmmaking Workshop in Parma, Michigan

Parma's own Sharma Krauskopf hosted an indie filmmaking workshop this evening at the Parma Library on Church Street from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Sharma is an international lighthouse expert, author and executive producer and screenwriter of "Keepers," an independent film tentatively scheduled to begin principal photography in September 2014 at Pointe aux Barques Lighthouse.

Dominick Oliverio and I, Co-Producers and Screenplay Consultants for "Keepers," assisted Sharma with the workshop. We met some fine, talented and ambitious people who have creative dreams that they wish to fulfill right here in Michigan. I might have found two of my locations for "Walking Apocalypse" tonight as one of the attendees was gracious enough to allow me to visit her home and do a location scout of it for the film. It is a beautiful home, inside and out, and has an impressive driveway to the house along with beautiful grounds.

Networking is the key to independent filmmaking. There are a lot of talented people out there with no outlet for their ambition, but a group of talented people can get together, pool their respective skills, and form an unofficial production company. The Hollywood way is fine if you have loads of cash, but for those of us without a budget to speak of, networking and trading skills to work on each other's projects is the way to go.

Sharma will be hosting another Independent Filmmaking Workshop that details her experiences with "Keepers" Thursday, August 22 froom 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM at the Eastern Branch of the Jackson District Library.

Details are:

Eastern Branch - 3125 East Michigan Ave. Jackson, MI 49202 - Phone: (517) 788-4074

Walking Apocalypse is now casting in Jackson, Michigan!

Casting lead and supporting roles and for extras for a 2 minute promotional trailer for a feature-length, high-concept action thriller.

Auditions will be held late August to early September in Jackson, Michigan.

Shooting schedule has not been finalized. All interested cast and crew must be available for any dates. Shooting is tentatively scheduled for two to four days in September, 2013.

Sundays are probable. Exact locations still to be determined, but will be in or near Jackson, Michigan.

The beginning date for principal photography for the feature film has not been finalized, but please let us know about any dates you already have commitments for.

Available Roles:

Male Lead (Age: Approximately 30): Former soldier and cop, heads up security for a bio-safety lab.

Supporting Character #1: Male (Age: Approximately 30): African-American, 2nd-in-command of security at the lab.

Supporting Character #2: Female (Age: Approximately 35): Lab administrative boss.

Supporting Character #3: Male or Female (Age: Approximately 50): Former military and in charge of special projects for the lab.

Supporting Character #4: Male (Age: Approximately 50): Office V.P. type.

Supporting Character #5: Male (Age: Approximately 60): Influential & wealthy businessman with political aspirations.

Supporting Character #6: Male (Age: Approximately 30): Businessman's Field Team Leader and rival of lead.

Supporting Character #7: Male (Age: Approximately 45): Genetic research scientist.

Supporting Character #8: Female (Age: Approximately 40): Genetic research scientist.

Supporting Character #9: Male (Age: Approximately 50): Chief research scientist.

Supporting Character #10: Male (Age: Approximately 55): Genius geneticist.


These are for credit only, no pay or expense reimbursement. You will have the potential to be part of the cast and crew of the feature film (may not be in the same capacity). One meal per shooting day provided, but lodging and transportation will not be provided.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your headshot, resume and any demo reel link to

Additional Requirements:

Signed: Actor Agreement, Crew independent or freelance contract agreements, non-disclosure agreement, etc.

NOTE: Please include the role or position you are applying for in the subject line of your email.

Location: Jackson, Michigan

Compensation: no pay -- credit only