Saturday, August 31, 2013

Productive Day

We had a productive day on Friday, August 30. Mahalia Greenway and I hosted auditions for the trailer for the film. We had some really good auditions, and met with a fine young lady who we hope will be working with us as part of our crew and as an extra for our crowd scene.

After the auditions were completed, Mahalia and I discussed the actors and which roles we felt they were best suited for. The auditions continue, with two days next week reserved for filling out the remainder of the cast.

We also have skilled individuals who have contacted me regarding stunts and fight choreography, which we are grateful for. As Friday was utilized for auditions followed by locations scouts, I was unable to contact one of those individuals, but I intend to contact the gentleman again after the Labor Day Weekend.

There have been more interested parties willing to allow us to film at their location, and we are trying to work out a day and time in our schedules to see those properties.

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