Tuesday, September 3, 2013

More auditions, locations & vehicles sought

More auditions are scheduled for today, along with an afternoon meeting with potential stunt & fight scene coordinators for the trailer and possibly the feature film.

There may also be a special announcement later today. Please check back with this blog later today for the news.

We're also still setting up location scouts as we approach the tentative shooting dates. We still are in need of a local bar, a warehouse, an apartment living room, and a basement lab.

As for vehicles, we're looking for the use of a Hummer or black Suburban-type SUV, along with a pickup truck and a black van. The owner's of said vehicles may appear as an extra and receive credit in the film for the use of their vehicles.

Regarding auditions: Mahalia Greenway is our expert on auditions and she runs this process while I assist and film the actor to get an impression of them in the role they are reading for.

We like to have people come in without having seen the material they are going to read. The actor has to understand that this is our first film, and we are at ground level as a production entity. All we can offer is credit for now, but we do intend to shoot a feature-length film every year. As we grow, the opportunities will increase and we would love to assemble a core group to work with us on every film.

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