Sunday, September 29, 2013

The filming of the trailer is complete

Cut and print that!

After arriving at TransPharm shortly before 8:00 AM, Brian Greenway, Amanda Trudell, Jon Rowland and I walked the grounds to the area we would shoot the scene where Todd Lutz's character chases the renegade scientist which leads to a desperate confrontation. This is the scene where Todd's character becomes injected with a revolutionary process that threatens the future of the human species.

Then we moved out of the rain and shot inside the lab. This included a brutal fight scene between Todd Lutz and John Lennox filmed along the breezeway of the lab. We concluded filming at the lab with a scene involving TransPharm's own Dan & Samantha Ross, who discover an act of horrific treachery.

We took a break a little after 2:00 PM. Brian Greenway, Amanda Trudell, Jon Rowland, Todd Lutz and I met at Midbrook Products at 5:30 PM to perform a walkthrough of the important rooftop confrontation scene. For a change, the weather and our sun cooperated to enhance the shoot. We parted with handshakes and hugs, weary but satisfied with all that we've accomplished over but three days of filming.

Todd Lutz waves a bloody hand from the roof at some of the cast and crew below after filming was complete.

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