Monday, September 16, 2013

A Great (Rainy) Day in Downtown Jackson, Michigan...

The downtown crowd scene was a smashing success, thanks to Producer Amanda Trudell, Production Assistant Jacquelyn Marks, and all of the wonderful local Jackson residents who imbued the scene with the necessary authenticity. Actors Todd Lutz and Paul Broussard were a hit with the crowd, and both did a great job with this scene.

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The only element that refused cooperation was Michigan's infamous and temperamental weather. It sprinkled off an on, but we're grateful we eluded one of the region's notorious downpours.

I arrived early to walk through the scene alone, just to have a fresh perspective on how the scene should play out. Then Director of Photography Brian Greenway and I conferred on options. Brian had outstanding ideas, as usual, on additional approches regarding how to frame several shots. We wrapped this portion of Sunday's shoot before 3:00 PM, and then broke for a brief bite to eat.

From here we moved on to Midbrook Medical, which offers several outstanding interior locations perfectly suited for this film. A huge “Thank You” to Midbrook Medical for the use of their fine facilities.

The shoot at Midbrook went beautifully. DP Brian Greenway framed some beautiful and very creative shots, including a marvelous innovation for a windshield scene of a moving vehicle. We had some great local actors involved at the Midbrook shoot, including Amanda Trudell, Toney Delgado, John Lennox and Phil Foster.

We also connected with a couple of local actors who will be auditioning for us this week. Even though our focus is almost entirely on “Walking Apocalypse,” there are many other films to follow, and actors who do not get cast in this film may be cast in another. We're here to stay.

Thank you to everyone who made this shoot a success.

Brian G. Walsh Director, “Walking Apocalypse”

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