Monday, September 16, 2013

Jon Rowland – Sound & Lighting

Jon Rowland provided expert sound & lighting work in helping make the day a winner. Sound is so important that Jon's contributions to this project cannot be understated. Sound problems made much of the footage of my former film, “The Devil of the Desert Sands,” useless. That film was never completed, but I'll probably take another crack at it in the future.

Jon was everywhere and always on top of his game. This project is lucky to have him and I am grateful that he believes in "Walking Apocalypse" and our plans to establish an independent filmmaking hub right here in little old Jackson, Michigan.

Left to Right: Jeff Makarauskas leaves for equipment as Actor Toney Delgado, Director Brian G. Walsh, Sound & Lighting Jon Rowland & Director of Photography Brian Greenway prepare for the next shot.

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