Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Todd Lutz chosen as lead actor for "Walking Apocalypse"

After due deliberation, Todd Lutz has been chosen to play the lead role of Nick Candelaria in "Walking Apocalypse."

Todd auditioned last week and made an immediate, pronounced impact reading the lines of our protagonist. Todd has the physical presence, skill and acting ability to make this a truly memorable role.

Todd was previously the lead in a local Jackson, Michigan production of "The King And I," but we don't want him shaving his head for this role. As is, his hair color, length and style is perfect for the lead role in this film. So no head shaving for those of you who enjoyed Todd's turn as the King of Siam.


This is exciting news for our production as we had some good auditions for the role, but nobody quite

nailed it in every single way like Todd did.

Keep checking back for more exciting news as we get closer to shooting.

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  1. Would this be Todd Lutz son of Nick and Eileen? Email me at wecallthemmanners@yahoo.com