Monday, September 30, 2013

TransPharm Pre-Clinical Solutions in Napoleon, Michigan: The doctor is in!

What a fantastic venue TransPharm Pre-Clinical Solutions is!

Dan Ross and his team have made TransPharm into one of the true gems of Napoleon, Michigan. The lab contains several areas that were perfect for shooting this trailer, and Dan and Samantha Ross were not only gracious hosts, but professional, cautious and safety-conscious to make sure that nothing could go wrong. Dan oversaw everything carefully to prevent accidental exposure and his steady professionalism, engaging personality and quick wit helped disarm any fears. (Why are my hands still shaking?)

We had a chase and fight scene outside the facility where lead actor Todd Lutz gets injected with a revolutionary process designed to rewrite the human genome. Inside, we had a wonderful hand-to-hand combat scene between Todd Lutz and John Lennox that was choreographed beautifully by John and his team.

TransPharm's Dan Ross and Samantha Ross don the gloves prior to their scene, while Brian Greenway, Jon Rowland and Brian G. Walsh discuss the shot sequence.

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