Monday, August 26, 2013

Designer babies, chimera & the end of the human species?

Who draws the line with genetic engineering?

Is it ethically and/or morally wrong to design your own children to be free of disease, deformity, etc.?

Most would agree that this is desirable, but what happens when parents seek total control of the design of their children?

Should it be legal for parents to literally order a blueprint for the makeup of their children?

Eye color, hair color, height, etc. Should parents be able to choose these, or not?

Of more concern than the above is the idea of "cherry-picking" desirable traits and abilities from other species and blending them with humans, creating a chimera, or human-animal hybrid, which is the plot of another script I've written for future development.

And when someone does cross that line, it could be the beginning of the end of the human species as we know it.

For more on designer babies and the future of genetic manipulation, point your browser to:

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