Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Walking Apocalypse is now casting in Jackson, Michigan!

Casting lead and supporting roles and for extras for a 2 minute promotional trailer for a feature-length, high-concept action thriller.

Auditions will be held late August to early September in Jackson, Michigan.

Shooting schedule has not been finalized. All interested cast and crew must be available for any dates. Shooting is tentatively scheduled for two to four days in September, 2013.

Sundays are probable. Exact locations still to be determined, but will be in or near Jackson, Michigan.

The beginning date for principal photography for the feature film has not been finalized, but please let us know about any dates you already have commitments for.

Available Roles:

Male Lead (Age: Approximately 30): Former soldier and cop, heads up security for a bio-safety lab.

Supporting Character #1: Male (Age: Approximately 30): African-American, 2nd-in-command of security at the lab.

Supporting Character #2: Female (Age: Approximately 35): Lab administrative boss.

Supporting Character #3: Male or Female (Age: Approximately 50): Former military and in charge of special projects for the lab.

Supporting Character #4: Male (Age: Approximately 50): Office V.P. type.

Supporting Character #5: Male (Age: Approximately 60): Influential & wealthy businessman with political aspirations.

Supporting Character #6: Male (Age: Approximately 30): Businessman's Field Team Leader and rival of lead.

Supporting Character #7: Male (Age: Approximately 45): Genetic research scientist.

Supporting Character #8: Female (Age: Approximately 40): Genetic research scientist.

Supporting Character #9: Male (Age: Approximately 50): Chief research scientist.

Supporting Character #10: Male (Age: Approximately 55): Genius geneticist.


These are for credit only, no pay or expense reimbursement. You will have the potential to be part of the cast and crew of the feature film (may not be in the same capacity). One meal per shooting day provided, but lodging and transportation will not be provided.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your headshot, resume and any demo reel link to

Additional Requirements:

Signed: Actor Agreement, Crew independent or freelance contract agreements, non-disclosure agreement, etc.

NOTE: Please include the role or position you are applying for in the subject line of your email.

Location: Jackson, Michigan

Compensation: no pay -- credit only