Wednesday, November 13, 2013

He wants children -- she doesn't

That's the predicament Nick Candelaria, the protagonist of “Walking Apocalypse,” finds himself in at the beginning of the movie. He and his girlfriend didn't plan to have a child, but now that she is pregnant, he realizes it's time to grow up. Nick's not getting any younger, and this might be his last best chance to start a family. His vacation is up and he's decided the time is right to settle down with the woman he loves. Unfortunately, none of their conversations regarding children ever went beyond hypothetical, and he is unprepared for her response.

And that's just the beginning of his day. When he gets to work, he finds out that something has gone terribly wrong with an important and expensive project, the very project that was expected to lift his employer, a small genetic tech lab with a genius scientist, to affluence in the genetic technologies market.

Things snowball from there, but he can't stop thinking about the woman he loves. Was she lying when she said she loved him? Has she decided that he's not the man she wants to father her children?

Those questions become moot because he soon finds himself on the run, not only fighting for his life, but for the existence of the entire human race – because the project has gone terribly wrong. Nick has become infected with a revolutionary process that has been sabotaged. He's got just 72 hours to find a cure or the human race as we know it will face a modern, genetically-engineered extinction event – and Nick will be the executioner.

Nick Candelaria has become a walking apocalypse.

Germs-virus, but not the source of Nick's infection.

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