Wednesday, October 30, 2013

72 hours left to live...

This is the situation Nick Candelaria faces in “Walking Apocalypse.” What would you do if you were in Nick's shoes?

Turn yourself into a hospital? Not when you know that whatever it is you were injected with is a secret and proprietary experimental process that was smuggled out of the lab you work for by a geneticist trying to defect. A process you have been told is a “biological super-weapon.”

Turn yourself into your employer? Of course, what other choice do you have? They invented it, and with a 72 hour deadline, who else can save your life? But if you learn that your employer intends to cover up its illegal human genome manipulation by eliminating all evidence, including you?

You run for your life.

But where can you turn? The CDC? The FBI? Homeland Security? None of them, not even the CDC, has any experience with this revolutionary process. And you have just 72 hours to live.

Nick is on the run, and the clock is ticking. What will he do?

Jackson, Michigan City Hall on West Michigan Avenue.

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