Monday, October 14, 2013

“Evolution is painful”

The tagline of “Walking Apocalypse” refers to the cold, hard truth of “survival of the fittest.” If a new species develops to compete with an exising one, that competition may result in the extinction of the species less able to thrive. When the two species competing for the same limited resources clash, the only options will be cooperation or destruction. The history of humanity is riddled with wars of conquest and extermination.

This is the dilemma facing those pursuing protagonist Nick Candelaria after he is injected with a revolutionary genetic process that has been sabotaged by its creator. The process he has been injected with has incalculable value to the future of the human race, but the sabotage to that process has rendered his continued existence too dangerous to chance. If he is not captured before he infects someone else, a chain reaction will start that won't stop until the entire human species is infected. Nick is on the run somewhere in and around Jackson, Michigan, and the doomsday clock is ticking.

Nick's infected DNA undergoing radical transformation.

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