Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Location scouts

I was performing some location scouting last week, and will again in the weeks to come. As the locations in the script become finalized with the outline for the rewrite (even though the actual 2nd draft rewrite has yet to begin) actual physical locations in & around Jackson, Michigan will be needed to shoot these scenes at.

While I'm scouting, I also keep in mind the other four completed feature-length screenplays I have written and several others in various stages of development that I intend to film in the future. I might run across a location that won't work for this film, but that would be perfect for the film we plan to shoot within a year of completing “Walking Apocalypse.”

I welcome and appreciate the many locations that have allowed me to shoot gratis to produce the trailer and for my previous film work. For the feature film, we will need additional locations that were not utilized in the trailer, and I will be on the lookout from now until we begin principal photography next spring.

Downtown Jackson, Michigan, from outside the Carnegie Library at 244 W. Michigan Ave.

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