Thursday, October 3, 2013

A local film is a community effort

Two of the most important things this production has going for it are the people and community involvement.

The screenplay is the blueprint for the film, but no matter how well-written, it all goes for naught without help. The talented skill people behind the scenes such as Brian Greenway, Amanda Trudell, Jon Rowland, Megan Tipton and John Lennox took the printed words from the page and transformed them into something special. And invaluable behind-the-scenes assistance was also rendered by Camera Assistant Jeff Makarauskas and Production Assistant Jacquelyn Marks.

And the actors, such as Todd Lutz, Mahalia Greenway, Paul Broussard, John Lennox, Amanda Trudell, Phil Foster, Toney Delgado, Lisa Douglass, Karen Kidder-Barrett, Mike Lantis, Cheryl Marks, Jimi Bommarito, Nicki McDonald, Tahachi Hardrick, Paul Current, & stunt driver Johnathan Hutchins helped bring the scenes to life.

And then there are the locations and the people who graciously allowed us to film on their property: TransPharm Pre-Clinical Solutions in Napoleon, Midbrook Products in Jackson, Cheryl Marks' residence in Parma, and Bucky Harris Park in downtown Jackson.

Men in motion: John Lennox and Brian Greenway move back to their starting point for another take of trailer scene number 24.

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