Friday, October 4, 2013

Thinking Big

We had an abbreviated production meeting this morning, followed by a quick location scout for a possible place for Walsh Brothers Productions, LLC and partners Brian & Mahalia Greenway to utilize as a studio set for our slate of future films. I don't think small, so many of my film ideas are big, some on the blockbuster scale. It's early days yet, but I want to make my intentions clear: I intend to shoot these movies, all of them, in and around Jackson, Michigan. This is home and I want to make it a better place, and Brian & Mahalia Greenway are in complete agreement with me.

Although I can't include details, future films include a supernatural thriller, an action-drama, a horror, a sci-fi horror and a trio of science fiction films. And those are just the films that have completed screenplays. There are television ideas in the development pipeline, too, including a camp comedy, an action-horror and an epic science fiction series.

There are big things coming from Walsh Brothers and Brian & Mahalia Greenway -- and they're coming to Jackson, Michigan and its surrounding communities.

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